Dual Fuel Engineer

Full Time
SERT Smart
£34,000 - £49,000

Job description

Want to fit smart meters for a Smart Meter fitting company that genuinely cares about safety, you, and customers? Our client is a medium sized Dual Fuel metering company with around 100 engineers which means they are small enough to care and large enough to provide real job security.

About the Company

  • They put safety first and are 99.98% incident free.
  • Every customer is spoken to before a visit reducing customer aborts to less than 3.5%
  • Every Engineer is part of the team and given full support, if you have any issues the MD himself wants to know why and how they can help you deliver great service.

About the role

You will be installing Dual Fuel Smart Meters, diagnosing faults, and carrying out repairs, whilst providing customers with energy efficiency advice. There are opportunities to progress your career and they will support your development within the industry. EV installation and other Smart Home technology will replace Dual Fuel Smart meter installations.

What they offer

Installation bonus: £12.50 per single meter after 2 duals.

Monthly Performance bonus: If an operative’s average daily installation volume (calculated monthly) meets or exceeds 6 meters per day payment will increase by 50%.


Vehicle, Tools, PPE and phone provided.

Must Have

Smart Metering (Dual Fuel) Experience: 1 year preferably SMETS2

In Date Industry Qualifications: CMA1/CCN1 + MET1 (or equivalent)

Certificate in Power (Logic or equivalent).

EUSR Registered

How to apply!

Call India 07395 795268 or email me

India James

Business Development Manager

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