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Digital Recruitment

Opportunities in Cyber, 5G, Fibre and Vitual

Embracing emerging technologies is key for SERT Digital, where our consultants are always seeking to speak with talented individuals in the digital fields. Whether, you are working in Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, Cyber, 5G, Internet of Things (IOT) or Fibre, our team wants to share great opportunities with you in the UK.


Employment in cyber presents new challenges on a daily basis, working with AI (Artificial Intelligence) aiming to keep one step ahead of any hacks. Working in teams with developers, penetration testers and engineers, you can be part of a team managing big data in both public and private sectors. Our experienced cyber team are constantly looking for talented software developers on Linux, Windows and iOS platforms, ready for their next challenge. Our consultants recognise the transferability of your skill sets, so whether you are an engineer in retail, banking or defence, if you want to become part of the cyber market, we want to hear from you.


Our growth in cyber began working with large telecommunication companies which has naturally led to our growth in 5G and fibre. If excelling in a world of augmented and virtual reality is for you, speak with one of our 5G consultants. Our consultants are looking to speak with developers and engineers who love all things technology. Products using big data sets sees the growing demand for C++ Telecoms Network Developers, System Engineers, Technical Architects, Senior Hardware Project Engineer R&D, ASIC Digital Design Engineer and Software Application Engineers.


Our fibre team are working with a number of clients supporting the government in achieving fibre installation in cities. We have opportunities as high level Telecommunications Programme Managers as well as Fibre Planners, Network Designers, FTTP Build and FTTC Delivery Managers. Our team are also working with clients providing Fibre Splicers and Telecommunication Engineers.


Over the past few years SERT has been on its own journey towards “Your Workforce Provider” now this can include “Virtual” workforces too. Humans doing manual, repetitive labour are bound to make errors. Boredom, exhaustion, or complexity will eventually outrun their concentration. In short, we deploy our in-house expertise in RPA experience gained by deploying RPAs across our own business and believe RPAs / “Virtual” workforces will make a measurable impact:

  • Mitigate your Employee retention rate 
  • Improve Staff satisfaction 
  • All audit trails digitised 
  • Reduce number of compliance deficiencies or errors 
  • Increase number of new projects undertaken 
  • Increase process velocity 
  • Manual labour savings

Human employees freed from manual labour can spend more time on other tasks that add more value.

Our responsibility

We have developed candidate journey processes centred around clear, open communication. Using customer feedback, internal training, a quality managed system and experienced consultants, our aim is to provide you with the best service. Service for you might have begun at our website or perhaps on LinkedIn, a job board or a referral. Our teams appreciate we cannot do our jobs without you, and thus, recognise the importance of maintaining and establishing relationships. 

When you apply for a relevant job, or register a CV, one of our consultants will call you, to find out more about you and the role you're looking for. We work with you and the client throughout the process to ensure feedback is shared as quickly as possible, and when an offer is produced, we will run through all aspects of its so you can make the best-informed decision. After you start, we will check in after a few months, making sure you are settled and happy in your new role, or if you have been contracting for us, we will be looking to help secure your next opportunity when your role comes to an end.

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SERTs' specialist Divisions

Public Sector

Resourcing solutions within Defence, Professional Services and Education.


Empowering technical abilities to support innovation within both physical and digital projects.


Utilities and Green Energy

Mobilising workforces that install, maintain, and manage the UK's current and future infrastructure.