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Recruitment Services

  • We understand

    that finding the right people for long term postions is key to supporting a business' growth. With this in mind our aim is simple: to provide the best possible candidates for our clients based on a firm understanding of thier specific requirements both in terms of technical ability and their business ethos.
  • We deliver

    this by engaging very closely with our clients to gain as much information about the hire required as possible and we tailor our bespoke solutins based on this information to fit individual need.
  • Our approach

    is one of getting it right first time and we employ many techniques, often thinking outside of the box to ensure we deliver this. SERT Work both its extensive existing active candidate database and its vast neworks of passive candidates to provide tailored shortlists for vacancies we employ hunting techniques and technical market knowledge on every search that you would expect to find at the highest level of executive search. Our clients are kept informed at every stage of process and we strive to advise as necessary on any information required to enhance the search, such as salary advice & market rates, skillset availability & shortages and any other market knowledge we believe useful to our partnered clients in their search and continued growth.
  • Our goal

    is to save our clients as much of their valuable time as possible. We understand that key company managers cannot be expected to waste time reviewing non-relevant or poorly qualified candidates and we employ our technical market knowledge and undrestanding of our clients' individual requirements to ensure this does not happen.
  • Our services

    span from one contingent recruitment through approved & preffered supplier services market mapping and survey and retained executive search services globally.

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