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SERT Virtual

Scale and humanise your workforce with SERT virtual

Over the past few years SERT has been on its own journey towards “Your Workforce Provider” now this can include “Virtual” workforces too.

Humans doing manual, repetitive labour are bound to make errors. Boredom, exhaustion, or complexity will eventually outrun their concentration.

In short, we deploy our in-house expertise in RPA experience gained by deploying RPAs across our own business and believe RPAs / “Virtual” workforces will make a measurable impact:

  • Mitigate your Employee retention rate 
  • Improve Staff satisfaction 
  • All audit trails digitised 
  • Reduce number of compliance deficiencies or errors 
  • Increase number of new projects undertaken 
  • Increase process velocity 
  • Manual labour savings
Human employees freed from manual labour can spend more time on other tasks that add more value.

If you have a problem or are interested in hearing more, then please get in touch and we will help offer a tailored solution to support your workforce.

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SERT Divisions

Workforce solutions in the following industries


SERT Digital consultants are permanent, contract and project recruitment experts in the Telecoms, Fibre, 5G and Cyber sectors.


Providing qualified candidates with current security clearances for the successful delivery of projects across IT, Aviation, Marine and Land domains.



We work in close partnership with leading utility and energy companies, delivering traditional permanent and contract recruitment services, novice training, bespoke on boarding and upskilling centres, to full managed Workforce Solutions, we have got it covered.


Scaling & humanising your workforce with SERT Virtual.

Middle East

Supplying short term contract and permanent recruitment services in the Middle East. With over 15 years international experience serving the construction industry alongside finance, insurance and administration.