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Gas Appliance Qualifications in Southampton

Successful gas engineers require good mental agility and problem-solving skills to apply their expertise in different scenarios. Gas engineers can specialise in a diverse range of appliances depending on their scope of work. The more elements and appliances a technician has under their belt then the less work they need to turn down. 

The following bolt-on appliances are available with SERT for gas engineers to expand their service offering and avoid needing to turn down work for not holding the correct qualifications. Most gas qualifications need to be renewed every 5 years.

  • S&Y plan – central heating wiring systems (2-days)
  • Unvented (G3) (1-day)
  • Water regulations (WRAS) (1-day)
  • Energy efficiency (Part L) (1-day)
  • Safe isolation (1-day)
  • Gas awareness (3-day)
  • Legionella (1-day)

The following initial courses are a onetime investment with SERT then renewed for free every 5-years within SERT 3-days ACS renewal assessments and refresher training:

  • CENWAT – central heating boilers and water heaters​ (3-days)
  • CKR1 – gas cookers​ (1.5-days)
  • HTR1 – gas fires​ (1.5-days)
  • CMDDA1 – investigation of the activation of CO alarms​ (2-days)
  • MET1 – exchange, installation and removal of gas meters​ (1-day)
  • MET4 – gas meters up to 40 cubic metres per hour​ (1-day)
  • REGT1 – exchange and commission medium pressure regulators​ (1-day)
  • PEB1 – protective equipotential bonding (1-day)

Which jobs have you needed to turn down because you don’t hold the correct qualifications?

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