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Renewables Training

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) 

This course provides a Level 3 Award in the Installation and Maintenance of Heat Pump Systems. The course has been designed for experienced heating installers who want to install heat pumps in domestic properties.

To be ellegible for this course you must have:
  • Unvented hot water also known as G3 (or VUWS by Cert-ain)​
  • An Energy Efficiency qualification (referred to as Part L of the building regulations)​
  • Water Regulations certificate (WRAS)​

SERT can offer these prerequisites separately or as a bundle over two days.
Book your ASHP requirements training and assessment bundle HERE

You must  also have ONE of the following:​

  • A plumbing/heating/ventilation/refrigeration NVQ
  • 3-years experience evidenced by a CCN1/CENWAT
  • Oil or ventilation qualification
If you are in any doubt of your current qualifications, simply send us a copy of your certificate and we will check for you.​ 
Book your ASHP training HERE

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point upskill

This course covers the theoretical and regulatory requirements for the installation of EV charging points. We will cover the requirements for different earthing arrangements (TN-S, TN-C-S, TT) and how to safely test and commission an EV charging point by running through the various PP and CP states.
There will be limited hands-on experience as 
it is expected that an Electrician will already know how to terminate into an accessory.
Book your EV training HERE

Dual Fuel NSAP recertification

We are able to offer dual fuel NSAP assessments for metering operatives working to a recognised national standard. These assessments form a robust measure of where the individuals are and give scope to target individual development needs. By assessing within this framework we are able to serve a variety of national clients with the understanding that we will provide a high standard of service and assess within an established framework in order to comply with the Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement.
Book your duel fuel NSAP recertification HERE

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Engineering / Digital

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Utilities / Green Energy

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