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The 2023 Updates to BS 5440-1 and BS 5440-2: Enhancing Safety and Compliance


At Sert, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations. The recent updates to BS 5440-1:2023 and BS 5440-2:2023 are crucial for professionals involved in gas appliance installations, offering improved guidance to ensure safety and compliance. Here’s a breakdown of the significant changes in these standards.

Key Changes in BS 5440-1:2023

  1. Chimney and Flue Termination:

    • The new standard provides expanded guidance on chimney and flue terminations.
    • It includes new scenarios and minimum distances for safe operation.
    • Guidelines for terminations in inner courtyards and light wells now ensure they are at least one metre below the top level of the enclosed space.
  2. Routing through Fire Compartments:

    • Specifies that chimneys should not pass through fire compartments or other dwellings.
    • This measure is crucial for maintaining fire safety and preventing the spread of fire through building compartments.
  3. Checklist for Installation:

    • A new checklist in Annex D has been introduced.
    • This checklist helps engineers verify the suitability of proposed chimney/flue locations, ensuring all installations meet the updated safety requirements.

Key Changes in BS 5440-2:2023

  1. Ventilation Provisions:

    • Updated rules now state that air vents passing through fire-rated compartments must only open directly to the outside.
    • New vents must not communicate with roof spaces, enhancing the safety and efficiency of ventilation systems.
  2. Exclusions:

    • The scope of BS 5440-2:2023 now excludes cooking appliances in catering or educational establishments.
    • Appliances fuelled by 100% hydrogen are also excluded, reflecting the evolving nature of fuel technology and safety considerations.
  3. Revised Tables and Figures:

    • Tables and figures within the standard have been updated and renumbered to align with the new guidelines.
    • For instance, the previous Table 6 is now Table 4, although the data remains unchanged, ensuring clarity and ease of use.

What These Updates Mean for Professionals

These updates to BS 5440-1 and BS 5440-2 reflect ongoing efforts to improve safety and compliance in gas appliance installations. They provide clearer, more detailed guidance to help professionals navigate complex installation scenarios and ensure that all work adheres to the highest safety standards.

For those looking to dive deeper into the specifics, the full standards are available through the British Standards Institution (BSI) and other related sources. Staying informed and compliant with these updates is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of gas installations.

At Sert, we are committed to providing the latest training and resources to help professionals stay ahead in their field. For more information on these standards and how they affect your work, feel free to reach out to us or explore our training programmes designed to keep you informed and compliant with industry standards.

Stay safe, stay compliant, and stay ahead with Sert!

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