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Here you can find our news, views and clues on what is happening in our market.
Lifted from Linkedin earlier - reminded us about a number of key aspects of the transformational change required by recruitment organisations in order to survive and prosper. Relying on the past is no guarantee for the future.
Despite the dramatic impact of Covid, funding is not an obstacle for recruitment companies wanting to do deals, “with a wall of cash waiting to be spent”.
A quick Friday share summarising a few of the latest UK labour market insights. It seems there was less drastic headline movement from May to June than perhaps expected - but the underlying data is of course still very worrying. #keepsafe #keepbritainworking from our friends at Emsi UK
Recently the call came that I was now unfurloughed and could return to work. I prepared myself for the new way of working in order to get in and open the training centre.
The Electrical Training Area did not exist before Lockdown. The opportunity to improve our site arose and we were able to minimise the impact of furlough and endeavour to get key utility workers back in a position to operate.
COVID-19 presented SERT with challenges we hadn’t envisaged, where tough decisions had to be made to ensure we were in a position to come out business-ready after lockdown.
So lockdown happened and I was placed on furlough, which is not how I envisioned the start to my new training role with SERT....
Smart meters give you an easy-to-understand picture of the way you use energy. This can help you lower your consumption--which can help you lower your bills.
Smart meter rollouts are underway and show no sign of slowing down, and electric & utilities company technicians are at the centre of the action, installing the high-tech devices in homes all over the U.K....
Remember that old expression; on purpose? Think about the power of when you acted ‘on purpose’, be it teasing a sibling, helping a friend or making decisions.
COVID-19 has changed the way that recruiters do business. We at SERT would like to extend our hand of friendship and thanks to the hard working team at REC during this unprecedented time for all.
Improved and enhanced business processes ensured this Hampshire based organisation thrived in these exceptional times.
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