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SERT Training

Here at SERT, we are proud to offer a training service that compliments our recruitment offerings. Currently, we have three training centres, based in and around Southampton, serving core qualifications for Electric, Gas and Renewables. Our offerings are constantly expanding with the growth of our training service and need for skilled engineers. A third centre is under development to expand our renewable offerings, meeting the high demand and requirements from our clients and the government.

As it stands, there are simply not enough engineers and installers holding the correct qualifications and accreditations to create the sustainable infrastructure of the future.  SERT are here to help!

We provide a range of bespoke training solutions to assist with the upskilling, reacreditations and onboarding. We have a flexible space with classrooms to accommodate your training requirements. The bespoke nature of our service means we are best placed to find bespoke solutions and best practices for your workforce. Our team of trainers can adapting our physical space to teach the courses in line with client demands. For example, if the client uses a certain technology on a day to day basis, their candidates can be taught using that technology. 

Need to book classroom space?  

We have rooms available to book for up to 12 candidates. Please get in touch to find a solution that works best for you! 

What else can we offer? 

  • Mentor training
  • Bespoke training for groups or individuals
  • Inductions and trade tests
  • Classroom hire


With focus on clean heating... 


With focus on supporting new entrants and inspiring new careers...  

Apprenticeships ready for academic year 2023

Please get in contact with a member of our team HERE to see how we can develop or maintain your qualifications. 


SERTs' specialist Divisions

Public Sector

Resourcing solutions within Defence, Professional Services and Education.


Empowering technical abilities to support innovation within both physical and digital projects.


Utilities and Green Energy

Mobilising workforces that install, maintain, and manage the UK's current and future infrastructure.