Why You NEED a Smart Meter


Smart meters are an easy way to understand your energy use and to help lower you consumption, which will save you money.

They can analyse which appliances in your home are using the most power. An In-Home-Display (IHD) shows you where electricity is flowing using a colour-coding system. Red indicates high power usage, amber for partial use and green is when there is a significant power usage.

This can be useful for you to set energy goals to help reduce your consumption. The IHD also shows you when you've reached a goal through setting an hourly rate.

Smart meters also benefit from sending your usage details directly to your supplier so there's no need for manual readings. And if you have a pre-pay meter, you can top up via your mobile and see what credit you have on the IHD.

Smart meters go beyond saving you money because they also help the planet. They will be a part of a broader shift that everyone can be involved in. Household efficiency measures could achieve 11% of the UK's 2050 carbon emissions reduction target.

Smart meter energy systems will help further other technology-driven changes, such as ultra-low emissions and electric vehicles. By helping the use of these alternatives, the environmental benefits of a smart meter will go far beyond home energy consumption.

Posted by: India James

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