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Our team

Led by a strong, entrepreneurial leadership team who are constantly pushing the envelope to provide creative quality workforce solutions to our customers.

Our truly open, supportive management style makes SERT a fantastic place for your career to shine.

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Simon England
+44 (0) 7711 829583
Mark Edwards
Group Chief Executive Officer
+44 (0) 7786 167802
Les Hewlett
Group Sales Director
+44 (0) 7810 893121
+44 (0) 7803 007875
Anna Navarro
Financial Controller
01489 232190
Eileen Smith
Senior Payroll Manager
01489 232190
Sue Gale
Payroll Manager
01489 232190
Andrew Bond
Management Accountant
01489 232190
Jas Newman
Contract & Compliance Manager
Leah Powell
Senior Candidate Care Advisor
01489 669790
Sarah-Louise Lewis
Candidate Care Advisor
Alisha Godby
Executive Assistant / HR Business Partner
01489 232190
Andrea Thomas
Team Leader of Workforce Solutions
India James
Senior Account Consultant
01489 663220
Alex Davis
Account Delivery Consultant
01489 663220
Jack Wallis
Account Delivery Consultant
01489 663220
Rachel Millican
Principal Consultant
Matt Saunders
Principal Consultant
Elliot Lewis
Recruitment Consultant
01489 230080
Andy Dalby
Recruitment Consultant
01489 230080
Beth Wickens
Recruitment Consultant
01489 230080
James Webb
Recruitment Consultant
01489 230080
Andrew de Bere
Technical & Quality Assurance Director
Stephen Knight
Training Centre Manager
Martyn French
Middle East Operations Director
John Mason
Middle East Sales Manager
043 626 291
Sri Venkatesh
Middle East Accounts
043 626 291