The Life of a Smart Meter Technician


The Life of a Smart Meter Technician

Smart meters are becoming part of many people's lives all over the UK.  Electricity and Utility companies’ Smart meter technicians are at the centre of the action, installing the high-tech devices. So what is it like to be a technician on a day-to-day basis? 

Technicians work with customers to put the gas and electric Smart meters in customers’ homes. They inform the customer that the power will be off for a short period during installation. Once the new meters have been installed, they conduct safety checks and give the customer energy saving advice and explain clearly how the installation works. 

The most important consideration is the safety of the customer and keeping them informed throughout the process. The technicians assist to educate customers every day and use their technical skills to ensure the Smart meters can be fitted safely in each property. They get the satisfaction of delivering a safe, clean and high-quality installation.

Working as a Smart meter technician, you will visit to a range of properties throughout your day, working in different homes such as multi-occupancy houses, studio flats and shops, treating all with respect.

Even though you won't be with colleagues during the day, you will be meeting lots of new faces every day and you will still be working as part of a team to ensure all customer appointments are fulfilled.

Smart meter installation is not just about the technical aspect, but will require you to use problem-solving skills and excellent customer service. Smart meter technicians are technical roles and can offer up new opportunities for you in the gas and electric industry. Anyone who has strong technical ability and who would like a job working with a variety of people and the opportunity to contribute to Carbon Zero, should consider this career path as a viable option.

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