Unfurloughed and ready to go..


Like many others, I was furloughed earlier this year due to Corona virus.

Recently the call came that I was now unfurloughed and could return to work.  I prepared myself for the new way of working in order to get in and open the training centre (I am an early bird so normally first there).

On opening the door to SERT I had to do a double take and confirm I had entered the right place. Since being on furlough it had transformed from a training centre that primarily took induction courses for skilled engineers into an ACS accredited training centre that can offer much more for both Gas and Electricity.  The centre had gained more rooms and loads more equipment, gas fires, boilers, warm air units, a mixture of the old and the new.

For those that have been to the training centre previously you will be amazed at the facilities and how much more we can offer.

#CCN1 core domestic gas safety

#CKR1 Domestic gas cooking appliances

#HTR1 Domestic gas fires and wall heaters

#CENWAT Domestic gas fired central heating appliances and domestic gas water and heater appliances

#MET1 Domestic gas meters

#CoDNESP1 Changeover domestic core safety to emergency service provider core

#CESP1 Core emergency service provider

#CMA1 Specific core for meter installers (Natural gas) #MET4 Install, exchange, remove and commission diaphragm type gas meters.

Posted by: John Barker

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