Le(t)s Recruit


No secret, no industrial espionage, nothing startlingly new here I’m afraid.

Confession time I knew I wanted Les to join me on this journey from my first day through the door. This was as much about the opportunity here as working with the man himself again.


Days at SERT fill me with joy, happiness, and more than the odd spikes in cortisone levels. Why would I not want to share this experience with my friend of the past 10 years.  More importantly though why would I not like the business I care so much about, to benefit from someone whom would love it, just as much as I do.  Before I even talk about the value the man can add to us as a business.


Les is freak of nature – he REALLY loves what he does. He loves recruitment…before ‘nerds’ became cool, I would probably call him a nerd (a Recruitment nerd) ...now I think the more polite phraseology would student of his craft.  If you ever have the pleasure to sit and chew the fat with Les do ask him about the board game, he invented “Lets recruit” … I have no words!


Enough of the abuse, he has had a decade of that from me, why Les?

Why have I brought him on board, why unsettle him from corporate comforts to mix it in the SME world, why would I ask him to risk it all, to throw his hands in to sit on our board as my group sales director – I trust him, Simple as that.. He knows my expectations, my style (good/bad), I don’t have to tell him’’what good looks like’’ and we complement each other a lot (albeit without ever complimenting each other).


Les loves it when I refer to him as a “tame Oil and Gas recruiter” gives him the opportunity to remind me of the work he did turning around my various departments (Auto, Aero & Maritime industry focussed) while I was distracted driving spreadsheets on my assault up the corporate greasy poll. The job he did wasn’t unexpected and wasn’t without graft.


Maybe that’s it Les has made my life easier?  Ends up doing the work for me.  Cheers Les I’ll kick back now. No seriously this is a very impressive transfer in for our organisation – no pressure Les 😉


Welcome on board my friend and business partner – Leslie Hewlett.

 Connect or /Follow him on Linked in to learn more about our Workforce Solutions and training plans going forward.

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Posted by: Mark Edwards

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