First ASC candidate through the door - Arnie Moyo


Meet Arnie Moyo our very first candidate to sit refresher and assessment inside our recently opened ASC centre.

Moyo commented 

"After two necessary days of the refresher training I felt at ease and re assured going in to the exams. I wasn’t going to take the two days training but glad I did as the structure it was laid out in helped jog my memory and work out an efficient way scanning the gas safe books to the answers I needed. 


I felt the exams were dealt in a professional way with the accessor not leaving my site but at the same time not putting pressure on me. He was friendly and answered all relevant questions and most importantly I felt gave clear instructions. 


The course was not a walk in the park but at the end of it all i felt like i was good hands with the assessors who very helpful and professional. 


I would highly recommend SERT to anyone who’s looking to get their re assessments done" . 


Mark Edwards, CEO 

"Great to open our doors to Arnie and look forward to welcoming through many more like Arnie into our ACS centre.  Be very happy in the coming weeks to announce dates for #peb1 training and full EUSR accreditations. Our team a the training centre have worked really hard post lockdown to have redeveloped our training offering so successfully; to cater for gas, Electric, single/dual fuel, Smart Meter and EV training course - thank you all."

Posted by: Stephen Knight

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