We All Have Ambitions for our Future.


We All Have Ambitions for our Future

We all have ambitions for our future. Autistic people are no different. But too many people with autism are missing out on employment and the chance of a fulfilling future.

Our CEO mark has joined the Business Ambassador programme - at Ambtious about Autism.

"So really pumped to have joined the Ambitious about Autism' business ambassador programme.
Bridging the gap between education and employment for autistic young people. Let’s start with my objective; The clock is ticking I have approximately 8-10 years left on a call to arms. My beautiful, talented, funny daughter (8) should enter the world of work and I am adamant she will have all the opportunities in the world, #inclusion."

We all have ambitions for our future. Young people with autism are no different. The sad reality is that the move from education to employment is difficult for many autistic young people. Only 16% of people with autism are in full-time paid employment, and fewer than one in four autistic young people access education or training beyond school. These young people deserve the chance of a fulfilling future. It’s time for change.

Posted by: Mark Edwards

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