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The Gosport STEM centre opened in 2019, with its sole purpose to inspire the next generation through engaging them in building up Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic skills at both primary and secondary levels. This amazing resource is currently the only STEM centre based within a school and it has been made available for all schools under the GFM.

On the 16th of July, a team from SERT joined final year students from Gomer primary school for their STEM challenge. Pupils were split into groups and then adopted different roles within the groups to then come together and produce a LEGO product that runs of sustainable energy. 

While the products are simply LEGO models, groups were clearly very engaged and passionate about their products which enabled them to explain their ideas and show their thought process behind each feature.

A news article of this event can be found Here.

After hearing from a diverse range of groups it was intriguing to uncover that solar panels were the preferred renewable energy source, even more so when some groups even went that one step further to factor in energy storage systems into their designs that tackle some of the problems we are encountering today with solar energy.

Furthermore, we were blown away when some groups decided their product would tackle an additional sustainable issue such as one group inventing a ship that operates of solar energy but automatically collects rubbish and waste in the ocean.

From seeing the engineering habits of mind being encouraged at such a young age, our team was blown away with the creativity and intellect that has presented itself from this scheme. On this occasion, it was most definitely our team that was inspired! 

SERT is one brand, one story and our purpose should now be clear in the work we do because we strive to centre our purpose to all our actions. To inspire and support, so people can live happier, more successful lives.

We look forwards to further collaborations in the future to help support and inspire the learning of children involved in the STEM initiatives, sharing our industry knowledge to help combat the issue of sustainability.  

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Posted by: Callum Belch

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