New Sponsorship for Fareham Town U9 Pirates


SERT is entering new seas and exploring new horizons with some exciting projects in the works! We believe in a good balance of a working and personal life to maintain motivation and mental wellbeing. The point is not to produce great work all the time, but to remain ready and able for when you find yourself in an opportunity to do so.

The recent implications from national lockdowns presented a huge mental health challenge. The restrictions not only couped up our youth with a stop on social activities, but also postponed international sporting events which provide many with the entertainment needed to break up their days. One of the biggest sporting events to return was the EUFA Euro 2020, which was delayed to 2021 when restrictions eased. The competition helped us ease back into normality and captivated the hearts of our nation with England progressing to the finals. Most children had stayed up past their bedtimes to watch certain games and with the 2022 World Cup looming, we recognise the influence these great sporting events can have on our youth and how they choose can utilise their free time.

We are fully committed to inspiring the future generations to develop their skills and live a happy and successful lifestyle. We are focused on supporting the people that will mould the sustainable future of this world, which will be our children and our children’s children once they have all grown up and developed their skillsets to contribute into our economy. While candidates must be 16+ to be included in any workforce or offer any training, our time at the Gosport STEM Day event highlighted that they are learning and acquiring transferable skills well before they must think about employment.

To show our continued support we have sponsored Fareham Town Youth U9 Pirates, a grassroots football team part of Portsmouth youth football league. Although our interest in this specific team has family ties, this is a great way to give back to the community and invest in the future of our younger generation. It also means we have permission to publish the two dapper young boys smiling in the photo wearing their new kits.

While we would love to see all our youth progress their football skills to one day represent a professional team and even our country. We believe that the value brought on through socialising, learning outside of school and committing to team responsibilities, such as turning up to regular training, can provide transferable skills in a way that is fun and engaging! It can create friendships and bonds that could develop well after their involvement in the league as they progress through their education with many of the other kids in the league. They may even get teamed up in another STEM event!

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Posted by: Callum Belch

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