Recently redundant? No fear... SERT IS HERE!


SERT has an established relationship with various Utilities brands whereby we provide high quality training solutions for their workforce including, but not limited to, maintenance of technical qualifications and competency upskills. 

The energy market has recently been in choppy waters with higher wholesale gas prices and a cap in gas for UK households. This has forced several smaller energy businesses to go under and the remaining providers have been forced to make cost savings where they can. Forcing several unfortunate but necessary redundancy announcements, leaving thousands of workers in uncertainty and looking for work.

If you are one of these workers, please remain assured that your skills are still very much in high demand. You may have already been contacted by one of our recruitment consultants about one of the many opportunities we have on offer.

Driven by our purpose, we have been trying to work out how we can inspire and support those looking to get back into the labour market and restart their careers within Utilities.    

We pride ourselves on offering high quality and bespoke workforce solutions, so we are very excited to offer this latest solution tailored to the percentage of workforce that have been made redundant in the past three months.

The solution: the biggest sale incentive for training we have ever done!


*If booked and paid for by the end of march.
**Please note this is for self-funded courses or those subsidised by a training grant gifted by your current/Ex employer.

This includes any refreshers, upskills and assessments to support your future employment options. This can be self-funded by the you, paid by a previous employer or even the future employer. The complete list of available courses will be included at the end of this blog.

Again, and we can’t stress this enough, if you have recently found yourself looking for work then please rest assured that you that your skills remain highly relevant in the current and future market. Base qualifications in gas or electric have opened many career opportunities with most skills required for future technologies being based off core skills and competencies of current technologies. Currently, most upskill opportunities within Utilities point towards renewables, influenced by rising demand and government incentives that support our transition towards the sustainable or green infrastructure of the future.

While we are constantly expanding on the opportunities SERT can offer to do our part in the development of this new infrastructure, this sale can only be applied to the following courses which are ready to go:

*** Gas (ACS) – SMART meter (NSAP)  *** Electric (18th edition and Test & Inspect) – EV upskill *** Full EV course (field experience required) *** Gas diploma (field experience required) *** Electric diploma (field experience required) *** CMA to CCN1 upskill (field experience required) *** CKR1 – cookers *** HTR1 – fires *** CENWAT – boilers *** REGT1 – medium pressure *** Water Regulations *** Part L *** Energy Efficiency *** System and controls *** Single off multi upskill *** 3-phase upskill  ***

*Please note you will need an active employer’s input for the NSAP and MACOPA assessments*

Ready for March 2022: Air Source Heat Pumps

This is our market, and we are workforce solution specialists, with plenty of industry experience and plenty of opportunities to discuss with you. We are here to inspire and support, so people can live happier, more successful lives!

If you would like to discuss any of our opportunities further, be it recruitment or training, please to don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Telephone: 02392 982 132


Reference code: RED050

Posted by: Callum Belch

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