Celebrating Our Free Course Offerings on International Skeptics Day


It’s the 13th of November, which can only mean one thing…

That’s right! It’s International Skeptics Day. Everyone’s favourite holiday.

Here at SERT, we thought the international celebration of critical thinking, scepticism and rational enquiry was the perfect time to flaunt our 100% free course offerings.

If reading the word ‘free’ just made you squint your eyes in suspicion, then congratulations, you’re a born sceptic.

A certain level of scepticism is healthy, and essential to anyone hoping to go through life without being ripped off 24/7.

Which is why we wouldn’t expect you to take the title of a blog at face value – especially not on International Skeptics Day! So, in the spirit of this unique holiday, we’re making it our mission to put your suspicions to rest, and answer all of your rational enquiries.

In 2023 alone, we’ve put over 100 candidates through our Air Source Heat Pump course, and due to this success, we’ve secured further funding.

SERT are using this funding to aid candidates in the transition from their plumbing and heating skills and toward a specialisation in low-carbon technologies – at zero additional cost to the learner.

Our ASHP course takes 8 days in total, which can be spread across 15 weeks. It covers Health and Safety, Energy Efficiency, Legionella, Water Regulations, Unvented, a CCN1 refresher and, of course, ASHP Installation and Maintenance.

Those passing the course will walk away with OFTEC qualification (OFT21-504A) and qualifications Unvented, Water Regulations, Energy Efficiency and Legionella.

So, is there a catch?

This bundle combined would normally cost you £4100 plus VAT, but SERT is matching the funding to deliver for FREE. Candidates themselves need only pay a small deposit, which is fully refundable on 100% attendance of the programme.

In other words… no. There’s nothing to catch you out. No hidden fees or missing features. Just a quality course with limited spaces available.

In addition to our Air Source Heat Pump course, we also offer a free, 8-day Electrical Career Taster course, ideal for individuals wishing to test the waters as an electrician, at no risk or cost to themselves.

This Career Taster is intended to give candidates an advantage in securing further education, and, in line with our ASHP training, acts as a launching point into upskills in renewables.

Those taking the Career Taster have a better chance of being shortlisted for apprenticeship opportunities, having already gained relevant qualifications: 18th Edition and Domestic Electric Installer (DEI).

As with ASHP, all this is available for a small, fully refundable deposit. The only prerequisite is that learners must be 19 or over.

Here we are all firm believers that the future talent pool is something worth investing in, and for us, that means bringing them to our door by making them an offer they can’t refuse.

And even on the most sceptical day of the year, that’s something we can put our faith in.

If you’re interested in taking one of our free courses, or you’re an employer looking to upskill your engineers, contact Callum at callum.belch@sertwork.com or call 01489 232090.

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