We’re Attending Solar and Storage Live!


This week marked the commencement of 2023’s Solar and Storage Live event at The NEC in Birmingham. The show kicked off on Tuesday the 17th of November, and will be coming to a close today - Thursday the 19th.  


Last year the event featured over 200 speakers and over 250 exhibitors. This year, Solar and Storage Live is boasting 300+ speakers and an impressive 400+ exhibitors.  


This is a hugely encouraging statistic, showing a clear increase in the volume of tech giants, industry professionals and training companies coming together to share bold ideas and innovations in renewable energy. 


Leading speakers will include Chris Hewett, Chief Executive of Solar Energy UK and Barbara Hammond, CEO of Low Carbon Hub, just to name a few. 


We aim to bring our own voice to the conversation, too. Somewhere in the crowd today will be our very own Senior Business Development Manager, Elliot Lewis, holding up the SERT banner. 


He’ll be talking to the people and businesses making a real difference in the energy sector, with a view to addressing workforce needs. We’ll also be on the lookout for potential candidates and contributors to take part in our exciting, upcoming solar training course. 


This course will be coming next year, in line with the development of our Solar Training Centre in Hampshire.  


The purpose of the centre is to promote, educate and train candidates and businesses in renewable energy, with a focus on solar, EESS and EV technologies. All in all, it will act as an educational hub, hosting workshops, seminars and vocational courses. 


The solar training itself will provide a unique learning environment, similar in layout to a jungle gym, or even a Ninja Warrior course - enabling candidates to practice solar panel installation and maintenance at different heights and on multiple surfaces. 


The training programme will add a level of flexible movement not often seen in solar courses, utilising fully functional battery storage and EV training rigs, as well as roof models for solar and mounting system training.  


This not only offers a fun, tactile way to learn, but also a great way to gain a broad scope of experience of the different installation requirements found in a variety of real-life scenarios.  


We hope to reach out and connect to people who share our ambition and drive for a bolstered workforce in the realm of renewable energy, and we’re confident that Solar and Storage Live is the place to be to make that happen. 

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