5 Key Advantages of Upskilling into Air Source Heat Pumps


Upskilling into air source heat pumps (ASHPs) offers several benefits for professionals in the heating and cooling industry. Here are 5 of our favourite advantages:


Increased Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

ASHPs are highly energy-efficient as they transfer heat rather than generating it from a fuel source. They can significantly reduce energy bills, making them an attractive option for homeowners and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money[1]. 

Growing Demand:

The British government has set an ambitious goal of 600,000 annual heat pump installations by 2028 to reach net zero[2]. This means the demand for low carbon heating solutions is set to grow rapidly, creating a significant opportunity for professionals who have upskilled to work with heat pump technology[2]. With the impending 2025 ban on gas boilers in new builds and the government's ambitious heat pump installation goals, upskilling now can future-proof careers in the heating and cooling industry[2].

Enhanced Professional Skills:

Upskilling into ASHPs can enhance installation and maintenance skills, leading to faster and more accurate repairs. This can save customers time and money and help build a positive reputation for the installer or engineer[1]. 

Financial Benefits:

Upskilling has financial advantages as home and business owners are increasingly picking renewable solutions like heat pumps[6]. Moreover, the government has announced various pots of funding to make upskilling more affordable for installers[3]. 

Supporting the Environment:

By upskilling into ASHPs, professionals can help the environment by supporting the government’s net-zero agenda[3].

In conclusion, upskilling into air source heat pumps is a wise decision due to their energy efficiency, growing demand, enhanced professional skills, financial benefits, environmental support, and career future-proofing.

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Posted by: Mark Edwards

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Upskilling into air source heat pumps (ASHPs) offers several benefits for professionals in the heating and cooling industry. Here are 5 of our favourite advantages:
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