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The Future Goals of SERT

a) New Solar Training Facility:

With focus on covering the complete needs of Retrofit Installers SERT are developing a state of the art solar training facility. This space will be used to deliver Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Battery Storage qualifications. Our mission is to create a 'Ninja Warrior' style facility where installers can climb over different roof types to build hands on experience in a safe enviroment. 

b) The Retrofit Sector:

As The Retrofit Academy – Hampshire, SERT aims to improve awareness and understanding of retrofitting among UK households. Through online training and workforce solutions, we will enable businesses across the UK to reduce their carbon emissions and energy bills.


c) Reducing Environmental Footprint:

SERT will continue urging landlords to install renewable measures in rented properties and incentivise fast implementation through our network of manufacturers and installers. This will help minimise upstream activities and reduce Scope 2 emissions.

d) Social Impact Initiatives:

We will increase the number of placements for students to a minimum of three per year. Additionally, we aim to expand enrolment in our alternative curriculum, accelerating the path to full qualification in various fields. We also seek to collaborate with the industry to offer more scholarships for fully funded training, both internally and externally, building on our success with funding for renewable upskilling.

e) Continual Improvement:

SERT maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that prioritises constant improvement. We frequently review policies and practices to ensure they align with the highest environmental and social standards. This is why leaving us a google review is so important as feedback deos not fall on deaf ears!

SERT's specialist Divisions

Public Sector

Resourcing solutions within Defence, Professional Services and Education.


Utilities and Green Energy

Mobilising workforces that install, maintain, and manage the UK's current and future infrastructure.

The Retrofit Academy - Hampshire

The Retrofit Academy (TRA) and workforce solutions and training specialist, SERT Training have established an exclusive partnership to launch The Retrofit Academy Hampshire. Find out more about training and career opportunities within the retrofit industries here!