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Here you can find our news, views and clues on what is happening in our market.
Learn about the dangers of inadequate protective equipotential bonding (PEB). Discover what PEB is and how SERT Training's PEB1 course equips gas engineers with essential skills for safety and compliance.
Step into the arena for the ultimate showdown between Electrician and Gas Engineer in our latest blog post. Experience the thrill of the skilled trades battle as sparks fly and flames roar, showcasing the expertise in electrical and gas engineering....
Discover the essential 18th Edition Electrical Course—an indispensable update for electrical professionals. Explore its comprehensive content covering regulations, benefits, and why it's a must for career advancement.
Explore the significance of purge gas in maintaining safety and efficiency in gas systems. Learn why proper purging procedures and purge gas kits are essential for ensuring compliance and protecting critical assets.
Dive into the world of solar panel and battery solutions with our comprehensive guide tailored for the UK. Discover the technology, advantages, costs, and steps to transition towards sustainable energy independence....
The Green Mandate: How SERT paving the way for a sustainable future
Discover the indispensable role of tradespeople in our society; From powering homes to driving economic growth, tradespeople are the backbone of the UK's infrastructure. Explore why their skills and dedication are vital for maintaining our communities and fostering a brighter future....
Stay informed about the risks of hiring unregistered tradespeople with this cautionary tale from Stoke-on-Trent. Learn how a fraudulent gas engineer's actions endangered household safety and led to legal consequences....
The Brutal Reality of the UK's Construction Skills Shortage.
What is a Retrofit Assessor? Here’s all you need to know.
Dive into the world of LPG training with our comprehensive guide. Explore the importance of safety, legal compliance, and skill enhancement in handling Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). Discover how tailored learning, industry recognition, and practical applications empower professionals across the UK....
Why Electric Training Courses are the Powerhouse for Professional and Aspiring Electricians
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