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Here you can find our news, views and clues on what is happening in our market.
We All Have Ambitions for our Future. We all have ambitions for our future. Autistic people are no different. But too many people with autism are missing out on employment and the chance of a fulfilling future.
Against a backdrop of redundancies, business liquidations and as the wider effects of the COVID-19 plays out across the global talent pool, we re-enter the previously trodden path of a “candidate rich market” - many candidates, for fewer jobs.
Undoubtedly the way we do business has changed and will continue to adapt as the Covid-19 restrictions have eased. Businesses are having to amend their models to survive and thrive over the coming months and SERT Middle East can assist with your hiring requirements to help you through this.
First ASC Candidate Through the Door - Arnie Moyo. Meet Arnie Moyo our very first candidate to sit refresher and assessment inside our recently opened ASC centre.
From board games to game changing results, its taken me nearly 4 years to reunite with Les and very pleased to have him on board !
Recruitment Sector - A Tale of 2 Halves Despite the dramatic impact of Covid, funding is not an obstacle for recruitment companies wanting to do deals, “with a wall of cash waiting to be spent”.
Recently the call came that I was now unfurloughed and could return to work.  I prepared myself for the new way of working in order to get in and open the training centre (I am an early bird so normally first there).
The Electrical Training Area did not exist before Lockdown. The opportunity to improve our site arose and we were able to minimise the impact of furlough and endeavour to get key utility workers back in a position to operate.
COVID-19 presented SERT with challenges we hadn’t envisaged, where tough decisions had to be made to ensure we were in a position to come out business-ready after lockdown. 
So lockdown happened and I was placed on furlough, which is not how I envisioned the start to my new training role with SERT....
Why You NEED a Smart Meter Smart meters are an easy way to understand your energy use and to help lower you consumption, which will save you money. 
The Life of a Smart Meter Technician Smart meters are becoming part of many people's lives all over the UK.  Electricity and Utility companies’ Smart meter technicians are at the centre of the action, installing the high-tech devices.
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