One Brand One Story


When we came together as a Group last year, we continued to operate as we were, albeit under one roof.

We identified our WHY or Purpose – to inspire and support, so people can live happier more successful lives – and our HOW:

  • We build positive relationships
  • Listening and understanding needs and aspirations
  • Going over and above/Exceeding expectations
  • Empowering people
  • Creating and advising on the best solutions

But when we started creating new websites, we realised we couldn’t tell a compelling story about what we do as a Group. We currently have different brands working across smart metering, construction, defence, cyber and in Dubai – finance and hospitality – which didn’t hang together very well.

We’ve been looking at our WHAT – who we want to be as a Group and the markets we operate in – so today we’d like to share some of our thinking and the decisions we’ve made. 

What is SERT – engineering and technology workforce solutions provider (LT, MT, ST goals)

When we look at the world and how life is changing – everything is driven more and more by technology and smart solutions, e.g. smart meters, planes, cars, even smart motorways. The demand for high speed connectivity is also increasing, whether that’s via cables in the ground or wireless. This is leading to the need for increased cyber security solutions.

In order to maximise on our current business and ensure we are well placed to grow into the future, we have decided to position the Group as an engineering and technology workforce solutions provider – focusing on smart, future technology.

By ‘workforce solutions’ we mean the current ‘man in van’ solutions we provide via 3R through to recruitment via frameworks and contingent through EA.

Engineering and technology will be focused on the future technology aspects – e.g. smart meters

So there will be a synergy across the Group in terms of the areas we work in, the clients we work with, the roles we fill, etc.

3R will continue to provide workforce solutions in smart metering – in the future this could expand to include other industries, aligned to our overall engineering and technology focus – e.g. fibre or 5G installation.

Given this new Group direction, there is one more change it makes sense to make. When we held workshops across the Group to identify our Purpose, it was clear you all value the same things – for example, making a difference to candidates, providing the best solutions to clients, supporting each other and Autism Hampshire.

There is a lot of support and collaboration across the business – a good example is everyone supporting the Smart team at the moment.

So, we’ve decided we would like to operate as one brand in the future – SERT.

Some of you may be sad to see 3R Global and England Associates go, and that’s understandable. We’ve worked hard to build their presence in the market.

However, when we promote ourselves in the market as SERT, we will have one clear, compelling story to tell about who are, what we do and why we do it.

This means rebranding from 3R and EA, which is no small task. However, in the long term it will make it easier for everyone.

For now, the focus is on growing the business and exploring new markets.

Posted by: Mark Edwards

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