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Client Corner

Finding specialist clearances or niche skill sets to help grow your Defence or Public Sector business can be hard. Finding time to screen candidates and conduct interviews around the day-to-day of running your business can prove even harder. The good news is… it doesn’t have to be that way!

First of all, we’ve been there ourselves. We live and breathe this process. Trying to find people holding specific requirements can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, SERT has created a magnetic process through serving our candidates to the best of our ability. Our passion for supporting individuals through clear, regular and open communication has enhanced personal experiences and merited referrals of SQEP individuals, who could also benefit from our services.

If your business is in need of niche personnel under tight deadlines, or you are simply looking to scale and grow your workforce, SERT has both a dedicated team of consultants specialised in your field and a vast network of SQEP individuals waiting for your opportunities.

Below, we have answers to some topics we see raised time and time again within the Defence/Public Sector:

Looking for a recruitment provider that gets your business
In-depth qualification calls with our clients combined with industry experience across our Defence/Public sector team provides our consultants with a deep understanding of available roles and working environments, and how these fit into the bigger picture. Armed with the knowledge of who, when, where, why and what clients are looking for to achieve their goals, SERT matches and presents opportunities to candidates within our database. The curation of this database is dependant, again, on in-depth calls with clear, regular, and open communication. Essential to keep a current understanding on candidate capabilities and requirements ready for a quick turnaround.

Don’t want to waste time sorting through a long list of applications...

We will only present candidates that have been fully vetted against your requirements. While we recognise the ‘perfect fit’ is not always available, we’re constantly updating our database with new entries in anticipation of future vacancies. Using existing networks and referrals, our Defence or Public Sector team has access to a wide range of candidates, not typically found on the traditional job boards and LinkedIn, ready and waiting to hear about new opportunities.

Concerned about security clearances?
Our JOSCAR accreditation ensures were both qualified and compliant to work within aerospace, defence and security sectors. The team have complete understanding of Security Clearances and are experienced in following protocols. Recognising the national shortage for SQEP, the team actively follow up on our candidates to keep a current understanding on their situation. Armed with candidate capabilities and requirements ensures we can offer relevant opportunities for a quick turnaround.

Have you already been approached by a member of our team?
When we’ve a surplus of candidates looking for work, and our available opportunities are not aligned with their requirements, our business development team will carry out extensive research and reach out to companies in order to serve our candidates. The confidence in our service is purely based on results. Imagine being offered a solution to problems laying under the radar. Good for business, right?

email us

“I contract for MOD roles via the EDP mechanism. SERT are always professional and pragmatic, enthusiastic to understand our (and the MOD's) issues and challenges and determined to get us the best candidate for the role."

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