Should You Consider Short Term Hiring.... Maybe


Undoubtedly the way we do business has changed and will continue to adapt as the Covid-19 restrictions have eased. Businesses are having to amend their models to survive and thrive over the coming months and SERT Middle East can assist with your hiring requirements to help you through this.


How can I turn headcount on and off to match costs more closely with my uncertain revenues?

How can I scale up in an easy, flexible way?

SERT understand the prospect and challenges of hiring permanent staff during this time may seem risky and prove to be impossible in some cases.


Our flexible, fully compliant visa & hiring solution:

We supply short term staff to customers for as little as three months’ commitment. All staff are fully vetted, compliant and will come with work VISA’s so they are ready to start on your job straight away.

All personnel can support a project that you are currently involved with, due to start or may be bidding for.


In summary

  • Short term commitment: 3 months’ minimum commitment.
  • Fixed cost: All-inclusive monthly fixed costs to include Visa, Emirates ID, insurance, on boarding and salary so you can manage your budget effectively.
  • Quick start: maximum of 5 business days for candidates to start work once selected.
  • Drive Business Profitability: Outsource your non core functions leaving you to concentrate on your core business interests and generating revenue.
  • Transfer option: At the end of the agreed monthly period the contract either, finishes, is extended or you have the option to transfer them to your permanent staff free of charge.

With an unprecedented level of white collar talent currently taking enforced leave or suffering unemployment, your access to the pool of available talent has never been greater and we are here to assist you in navigating the next stages of recovery as the market picks up again. As a construction specific recruiter with in excess of 30 years regional and international outsource hiring experience, we are well placed to help you find the key short and long term hires your business needs. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you with your hiring requirements moving forward.

Posted by: Martyn French

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