Find out about Zak's work experience with SERT!

On my first day of my work experience, I was introduced to the colleagues I’d be spending my week with. I was given a task ed to do some market research and review competitors training courses for Heat pumps, ACS, S&Y plans and CMDDA1 courses. I was tasked to review and note down the duration of the courses and the prices.

On my second day of my work experience, I was mostly acquainted with the work force I was working with. My next task was to use Semdata to see keywords and ratings for SERTs website and how to improve it. Then I was to review the SERT website and give some helpful insight and fresh ideas to update the website.

Day three of my work experience, I was acquainted with the colleagues in the office now. I started to brainstorm ideas on newer ideas for the website. After all of that, we reviewed the drafts and edited it before putting them up on the website for future customers to see and hopefully join the process of using SERT as their training company.

On day four of my work experience, I went with two colleagues to a training centre in WOOLSTON, SOUTHAMPTON. SO19 7BN.  We went and learnt about what they do and teach at Woolston, we listened to some of the novices which in the end stage of their courses. They gave us some helpful tips to help us if we ever went through the courses at SERT. I even made a TikTok...

Overall, I found this experience amazing, and I am so grateful for SERT for allowing me to do my work experience in such a great workspace. My favourite bit of the week was when I failed to make tea because I couldn’t find the milk while making tea in AdBs mug - he wasn't very happy! The co-workers were friendly and so full of energy, They’d have fun while still able to get work done efficiently in a short time like how they take pride in their work and make it so clients and candidates have a great time while with SERT.


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