Celebrating World Plumbing Day - 11th March 2021


Celebrating World Plumbing Day - 11th March 2021

At SERT we are proud to announce that we are recognising World Plumbing Day. Originally started by the World Plumbing Council, World Plumbing Day is a celebration of the important role that plumbing plays in our lives. 

We use our toilets, sinks and showers every day, but these are only the tip of the iceberg. Down the drain is a complex web of piping and plumbing that makes our quality of life so enjoyable. 

Plumbers are trained professionals who work on installing pipes, fixtures, valves and connecting it all up. They install showers, toilets, kitchens, air conditioning and gas piping. 

The complex network of piping that plumbers fix is just the start. They are also experts at solving complex piping problems, having to innovate and find clever solutions to make a plumbing system work. 

They are also in charge of fixing problems as they happen. Leaks, floods, broken pipes and other issues can cause long-lasting damage to your home. A good plumber can fix these issues in just a few hours, and you can carry on enjoying your regular comforts. 

The best plumbers help us live luxurious lives without realising how lucky we are. Today, on World Plumbing Day, SERT celebrates those plumbers and the plumbing profession.

SERT has a diverse range of services including contract and permanent recruitment in the plumbing field and many others. In our Certified Recruitment & Employment Confederation training centre, we help train a new generation of recruiters and professionals to the highest standard. 

Today we are proud to mention our Pipework and Soldering Refresher Course, and our Gas ACS renewals course. These extra skills come in handy for trained professionals, so on World Plumbing Day we give them an extra mention.

SERT promises to inspire and support working professionals to live happier and more successful lives. With our training centre, courses, recruitment and employment services, we bring the full package to empower people. 

To sign up to one of SERTS bespoke trainings, head over to our training page and book a call with us today. 

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Happy World Plumbing Day from SERT!

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